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Art & Illustrations (Mine)

This Is What I’ve Been Working On…

Illustrations for my Etsy shop! copyright-Captain January The Animal Activist adores all creatures! The Starbucks Barista........My Husband was the inspiration , though he isn't a barista he is a coffee know it all! The Circus Dreamer....She has always dreamed of running away to join the circus, some day she just might do it! The Health ...

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From Belly To Baby!

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In the past 4 months my sister Chelsea has gone from an adorable belly BUMP.......... To a flat tummy and an adorably chunky baby boy!!!! Baby Eli is full of fun and my sister is an excellent mother- These are my latest drawings in honor of her new chapter in life! Love you Chels! Oh, ...

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FREE Rice Pack Sewing Instructions! Relieve sore muscles!

FREE RICE PACK INSTRUCTION GUIDE! My family and I use these hot packs every night- Kids like them for the warm comfort, Adults like them for aching muscles! Try your hand at making one! 1. Cut 2 rectangles from 100% cotton fabric ( 6 in. x 12in. works well ) 2. Put rectangles together right sides ...

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Moose Taxi

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  Maury the Moose has valiantly offered to taxi his friends across the rising waters- What a way to travel! It's been too long since I've blogged! I've been working on my Art prints (original ink drawings) and having so much fun! My children love to draw along side me and are always creating "Something Special for ...

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STACKING STONE – Creative Learning

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Teaching and learning with creative tools makes life so fun! I've recently created my new line of creative teaching tools -STACKING STONES. The stones are hand selected by my small fry and me along the Florida seashore and then hand painted and sealed. The sets include - Numbers, ABC's, Shapes, and my ...

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